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Completing a sale

Simple steps on how to process your customer’s items and complete a sale.

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Applying basic promotions

Common examples on how basic promotions are applied at the KRISP POS.

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Item dashboard

Detailed view of an item including prices, current on hand qty, store location availability, and more.

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Customer dashboard

A tool that shows customer details, transactions, and items purchased.

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Store summary reports

KRISP provides you with reports that show your daily store summary.

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Price levels

Using price levels to change item prices for different customer groups.

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Can the KRISP team help setup my system?

Yes. KRISP recommends that you consider an on-boarding solution to get you up and running. Our team can assist you with all your on-boarding needs including planning, setup, integrations and rollout.

Do I need to install a server for KRISP POS?

No. KRISP POS is fully cloud based and runs in a browser.

Can I add additional locations as my business grows?

Yes. Your account manager can assist you in increasing your available licenses.

We have full time, part time and casual employees. What are the user license cost?

There are no per user login costs for KRISP POS.

Our needs are slightly different to other retailers. Can KRISP be tailored?

Yes. KRISP POS if configurable. Your account manager can assist you with tailing options.

Customer support. Can KRISP provide a premium level of support?

Yes. Your account manager can assist you in tailoring a support plan to suite you.

Does KRISP come with any hardware?

No. KRISP POS was built to work through a browser. Your account manager can assist you in identifying suitable hardware.

Will KRISP work with my existing Hardware?

Possibly. KRISP was built to work on most hardware. Your account manager can assist you.

Is KRISP available globally?

Yes. KRISP is built to work globally. Your KRISP setup will work across countries, currencies and languages.

Is KRISP multi lingual?

Yes. KRISP was built to work with multiple languages. Language is based on the user who is logged in.

We have many stores across our retail network. How will KRISP POS perform as my usage increases?

KRISP POS was built to ensure that it performs the same whether online, offline, one register or many registers operating simultaneously in your network.

Can a single license be used across more than 1 country?

Yes. KRISP was built for multi country use.

Can KRISP integrate to my existing systems?

Yes. KRISP can be set up to integrate via our API or manually via CSV imports and CSV exports.

I have lots of historical data. What do you recommend?

Historical data can provide an insight into your business's historical trends as well as customer interactions. Often, the easiest route is to take a summarised view of key data. Consider the following when making a decision
   • How 'clean' is your historical data?
   • Will your data align to KRISP?
   • How much time will the transformation of data take?
   • Lastly, the value that the data will bring to your business?

My business is going through a system transformation phase. We need a great POS system as well as a POS provider who understands us?

Our team has vast enterprise transformation experience. Your account manager can connect you with the customer success team who will be able to guide your success.

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