KRISP features

KRISP POS is fast, low touch and always available. Centralised data ensures KRISP POS delivers a real-time understanding of customer buying trends and offers targeted pricing and promotions no matter where they shop. Never lose a sale by offering items available at any of your stores.

KRISP POS is delivered and accessed entirely through an internet browser with automatic upgrades. KRISP POS plugs into your business to complete your omni-channel experience.

Point of Sale

A cloud based solution with offline capabilities that’s built for maximising customer experience.

Transaction options

Whether reserving, pre-ordering, on-account or simply requesting a quote, KRISP offers a range of options: pay down an account or pick up a sale from another store, return with or without a receipt, or item profitability by calculating concession impacts.


Global search

A progressive search allows quick retrieval of customers, items and transactions.

Search recent local or parked transactions.


Know your customer

View past sales and buying trends.

Be alerted to loyal customers.

Dynamically view loyal customer prices versus retail prices.


Sales representative

Analyse performance by assigning sales representatives to the sale and/or items on the sale.


Be one step ahead

Be readily aware of price impacts on products purchased and to be purchased.

Quickly locate others stores holding low stocked items.

Offer item substitutes or correlated items.

Alerts cashiers of pending tasks.


Operations functionality

Built to work on the POS register, online access to operations and administration functionality.


Offline first

Don't lose a sale due to a temperamental internet connection. KRISP POS is built using progressive web design. It works with or without the internet, automatically syncing with internet availability.


A centralised catalog for real time analysis of product trends throughout your organisation.


Product category

Whether it be inventory or non inventory, a bundled package or service, a vast catalog will enable you to manage, stock and sell the items that your customers want.

Categorise items based on class, brand, facet and alternate classifications.


Real time access into inventory levels, reorder points, turnover and profitability.

Streamline your replenishment decisions with KRISP POS.


Inventory status

Keep track of inventory movements across the store. Categorising inventory movements allows you to determine whether it's on layby, deposit, reserved or being returned.



Central or distributed purchasing.

Create purchase orders based on inventory levels and assigned reorder points.

Reorder using past purchase orders.



Full or partial cycle counts as well as stock adjustment allows you to accurately manage inventory.



Move inventory within or between stores.

Transfers can be manually or automatically receipted.



Return unused or damaged items.


Centrally managed, pricing can be effective dated and even applied to specific customer groups.

Price levels

Reward your customers and employees by assigning them a price level.


Price books

Centrally manage and share item pricing based on location and customer price levels.

Assign price periods to schedule price changes.


Quantity breaks

Enable sale price changes based on quantities purchased within price groups.



Apply percentage or dollar discounts to an item or sale.


Enterprise or discrete, whole of transaction or product specific, KRISP's promotion engine is for you.


Product based

Product specific or mixed.

Percentage or dollar off based on products purchased.


Transaction based

Percentage or dollar off based on dollar spend.

Stackable with non transaction promotions.


Customer focused

Enable 'best saving' calculations.

Target promotions to specific price/loyalty customers.

Provide date and time specific promotions.

Provide customers with promotion coupons.

Mix promotions with discounts, price levels and quantity breaks.


Capture everyone that your POS interacts with in a central, global environment.


Understand your clients - companies or individuals. What, when, where and how they purchased.

Reward customers through a loyalty program.

Link family and friends.



Understand suppliers, their products and prices.

Link suppliers.



Enable employees to work at one or many locations.

Provide employee pricing.


Reward your most valued asset - your customers.



Loyalty program to set customer sale prices and reward levels.



Targeted promotions to loyalty groups.



Targeted rewards including point redemption, certificates and coupons.



Attain loyalty and rewards through membership programs.

Dashboards and Reports

Steer your organisation on actual data.



Real-time access to business data providing key insights to drive business decisions.



Turnover, store profitability, stock and price comparisons. Some of the reports KRISP provides.


Be assured that only those you choose can use your system.


User access

Access the system using a PIN number or user name.


Roles & permissions

Decide who can do what and where by assigning your employees roles and access levels.


Loss prevention, fraud detection, and audit logs

Track and report on sale item changes and voids.

Track business data changes.

Authorisation checkpoints on key data.


Flexible payment options.



Payment gateways

Use market leading payment gateways.


System options

Provide gift certificate for purchase or reward.

Store credit where a payment refund is not feasible.

On-account options allows customers to take now and pay later.


Multi-subsidiary, multi-country, multi-currency. KRISP provides a single source, global view of your organisation.

Stock availability

View and reserve stock at other stores.

Manage stock levels across your business.

Transfer stock based on store sales.



Segment your business and access across business units and borders.

Ideal for franchisees.



A global tax engine integrated to industry leading tax providers.


Integrates into your organisation. KRISP is your system of reference or a system integrated to master systems.



Open API

Integrate to external and internal systems using industry standard APIs.



Export / Import using csv templates.


Tools to support the running and growth of your organisation.


Customer support

A support package to suit everyone from email and phone.


Implementation services

Consulting services to guide your use of KRISP POS and assist your rapid implementation.


Support environments

Multiple environments for design, test, and training.