Returns and exchanges

Last Updated: January 8, 2018

Validated returns:

A validated return can be performed if and when the original purchase transaction can be recalled. This allows the return transaction to be linked to the original sale.

You can perform a return by doing the following:

  1. Find the original transaction by:

    • Scanning the transaction barcode on the receipt, and clicking on the return icon Return icon.
    • Using global search bar to enter the transaction number, and clicking on the return icon Return icon.
    • Finding a customer and opening their customer details popup, and then clicking on the original transaction to click on Process return button.
  2. Identify the items to be returned and enter in the quantity to be returned in the New return column. Choose a reason code.

    To return all items, first select a reason from the Default reason dropdown at the bottom of the popup to choose a reason code for all. Then click Return all items link on the upper right to apply this reason.

  3. Click on Save changes to cart button. The items to be returned will appear on the cart.

  4. Click on Proceed to pay button
  5. On checkout, choose the payment method, enter in the tender amount if applicable, then click Add payment button.
  6. Print or email the receipt.
  7. Click Done.

Non-validated returns:

A non-validated return can be performed when the original purchase transaction cannot be recalled.

  1. Add items to be returned to the cart, by scanning, searching, or via hotkeys.
  2. Once the item is on the cart, click on the more options icon More options icon.
  3. Choose Return line from the dropdown.
  4. Enter the reason code and notes.
  5. Click on Proceed to pay button.
  6. Choose the payment method.
  7. Print or email the receipt.
  8. Click Done.

Returns and exchanges:

You can also include the item to be exchanged while performing a validated or non-validated return.

Just make sure to add the correct item and quantity to be exchanged to the transaction before proceeding to checkout.